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I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and have been running my program since 2010 years.  I am also a runner and have completed 11 marathons, three Ragnar Relay races (Team 316!), numerous half marathons, 10k's, 5K's and trail races.  


I challenge my class to work hard, aim high,  and have fun.  Our program is unique because the classes are accessible to all fitness levels.  

You should also know that I'm PASSIONATE about health and fitness.  I am not a fan of quick fixes and fad diets and believe that getting in shape takes time, energy and commitment.  And it doesn't hurt to have someone putting you through the paces a few times a week!  


On a personal note, I've lived in Terra Linda since 1994, have been married for 25 years and have  2 kids and 3 cats.  


Testimonials - Here's What People Are Saying

Bootcamp!?!? – I would admit, at first glance very skeptic of “bootcamp” session with Keli, but my attitude quickly changed.  Keli is no joke and provides a workout on muscles that I didn’t even know I had.  Keli takes the time to fit each exercise into your ability while keeping them challenging for those that need it.  If you want to train for an event or lose weight definitely seek a workout with Keli.


John O.



I love Keli’s boot camp. I’ve been going for..wow…5 years now. I never would have thought 5:30am exercise classes would work for me but they do. I love the feeling of finishing my workout before my kids and neighbors are even up and I feel revved up and accomplished the rest of the day. Going to the 8am Saturday class now feels like sleeping in!   Keli’s classes are creative and quick paced but still fun – every class is truly different. Keli also does a great job of modifying a workout for someone if there’s an injury or physical limitation. It’s mostly Dixie/TL moms in the class (though the occasional guy does come and my kids have now graduated) and there is always friendly banter between us.


Diana S.


I have only known Keli for about a year and in that time she has helped me run no less than 4 races and reach distances I never thought possible. She not only helped me tailor a training schedule for my busy life but helped me revamp the schedule due to an injury.  Keli is always there for help and advice.  I don't think I would be where I am physically, mentally and nutritionally if it wasn't for her expertise, kindness and guidance.  She is there to push me to my limit while guiding me through some tough obstacles to my goals. She is invaluable to me and I will never be able to express how much she has improved my quality of life.  


Stephanie N.



My quick summary of the OutFit program: variety, inclusion, humor and encouragement. I participate in the OutFit because it's fun and an amazing workout. You never know what exercises you'll be doing (we did 2 variations of jumping jacks recently, neither were what I grew up doing) and Keli clearly explains how to do each exercise, walking around checking form, and offers alternatives for whose who need them. And never the same routine twice. In each session, there is a variety of strength and speed levels (including walkers and very fast runners) and Keli encourages all to go at their level, and a little bit more. And we have fun! Over Halloween we had a themed workout using pumpkins (they sure add to the squats)! While Keli always comes with a workout planned, she will make adjustments, substituting exercises or creating a whole new plan on the spot based on how the session's proceeding. She's an amazing, caring coach who knows how to challenge us!


Kendra F.



Keli supports my fitness goals. She never discourages lofty goals. She says,  "This is how we are going to get you there," and breaks it down into attainable steps.   I didn't start out as a runner, but Keli helped me to become one. She has stepped my up my fitness level by raising the bar and encouraging me to participate in longer races and relay races. Her early morning boot camp has increased my strength and stability.


Andie C.







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