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I'm a big fan of burpees!

What Are Classes Like?


Our classes are intense, motivating, challenging and fun.  


I incorporate cardiovascular conditioning, calisthenics, strength training using bands or medicine balls , a lot of core and abdominal exercises.


We also have fun with agility ladders, cones, hurdles, benches, steps, curbs, basketball courts and partner exercises.  I utilize equipment (which I provide) as well as devoting full classes to body weight-only exercises. 


Classes are carefully crafted to provide a full-body workout.  Some days may be more upper body or lower body intensive and others will provide running, walking or fast-paced intervals. 


All workouts can be modified to fit YOUR fitness levels.     If you have any medical or physical limitations, I should be made aware of those immediately. 


Prior to joining our class please complete a registration form and liability waiver.  Click the buttons below, complete the forms and bring them with you to your first class!


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