With OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp you'll no longer need to drive to a stuffy or crowded gym.  No siree, Bob!  Our classes are conducted entirely out of doors.  That's right, breathe in that dewey, morning-fresh air, feel the breezy wisp of spring as we do our warm up or enjoy being enveloped in the fog during a hill repeat.

 In-Person Classes

At this time we have in-person classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Marinwood.  We meet on the playground at Mary E. Silveira Elementary School located at 275 Blackstone Drive.


Classes are held at 5:30am and 6:30am and are 45 minutes long.  Due to the current restrictions participants must sign up for a class to reserve a spot as we are limited.  


All classes are held with the utmost of safety in mind.  We wear masks when we gather, maintain a 6 foot distance and arrange movement so as to not cross over or come near others or their equipment.  


If you are interested in coming to a class please contact me at outfitmarin@gmail.com and I'll provide the class link.    

LIVE On-Line Classes 

New to OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp are live online classes.  We meet Tuesday and Thursdays at 8:00am.  Classes are 30 minutes.  


You exercise in the comfort of your own space with a live instructor to lead the class and provide instruction.  Classes are high energy and way more fun than a pre-recorded video.   


To join a Zoom class, please contact me at outfitmarin@gmail.com

Vitrual Training

Our virtual training program is great if you need to workout on your own time.  We can create a program that you can do at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or on vacation.  Fees vary for this service.

Saturday Classes

Saturday classes are on hold for the time being.  We hope to resume in the late fall.