With OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp you'll no longer need to drive to a stuffy or crowded gym.  No siree, Bob!  Our classes are conducted entirely out of doors.  That's right, breathe in that dewey, morning-fresh air, feel the breezy wisp of spring as we do our warm up or enjoy being enveloped in the fog during a hill repeat.

Weekday Classes

Our weekday classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Marinwood.  We meet in front of Mary E. Silveira Elementary School located at 275 Blackstone Drive.


We stay on the school grounds or often will move around the neighborhood.  Usually sticking to a 1/2 or 3/4 mile radius of our starting place. 


**Due to the early morning start time we ask that you use your "indoor" voices before we get started.  We wish to be respectful of those who aren't up and around before the sun rises!

Saturday Classes

Saturday classes are held at various locations in the Terra Linda/Marinwood area.  Saturday classes start at 8:00 am.


Since we have a later start for these classes we have the opportunity to take advantage of the open space, hills and other interesting areas that would be unsafe before the sun rises. 

Vitrual Training

New to OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp are virtual training programs.  If you wish to have workouts created that you can do at your convenience and in the comfort of your home, while on vacation or while your child's at baseball, swimming, or soccer practice please contact us.

Fees vary for this service.






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